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Pokémon: FireRed Version

Game Boy Advance

Pokémon: FireRed Version (Game Boy Advance)


In this section, you will be able to download video files related to this retro game. These may include gameplay videos, commercials, trailers, and other video materials that will allow you to become familiar with the gameplay and atmosphere of the game.

Download PokémonFireRedVersion-video.mp4


Here you will find a collection of images and posters related to this game. These may include game covers, promotional materials, concept art, and more.

ROM Files

A complete list of ROMs for this game, designed to run on emulators for various gaming platforms.

Download Pokemon - FireRed Version (USA).gba.7z

MD5: e26ee0d44e809351c8ce2d73c7400cdd

Download Pocket Monsters - FireRed (Japan).gba.7z

MD5: 47596db5a16556c60027e7bf372ec917

Download Pocket Monsters - FireRed (Japan) (Rev 1).gba.7z

MD5: ff25067b591ba324cd44689a9ba8aa48

Download Pokemon - FireRed Version (USA, Europe) (Rev 1).gba.7z

MD5: 51901a6e40661b3914aa333c802e24e8

Download Pokemon - Versione Rosso Fuoco (Italy).gba.7z

MD5: fce3c39e7ba452eddb2279b454b66416

Download Pokemon - Version Rouge Feu (France).gba.7z

MD5: b8663b80eef5a1e9b41b683aa1234902

Download Pokemon - Feuerrote Edition (Germany).gba.7z

MD5: 6648a0484a56097ca75d6af87ebce225

Download Pokemon - Edicion Rojo Fuego (Spain).gba.7z

MD5: c629272c5e0111930a240623b6c239f0

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