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Pokémon: Ruby Version

Game Boy Advance

Pokémon: Ruby Version (Game Boy Advance)


Here you will find various documents related to the game, such as walkthrough instructions, user guides, the history of the game's creation, and other textual materials that will help you fully understand the game and its context.

Download PokémonRubyVersion-manual.pdf


In this section, you will be able to download video files related to this retro game. These may include gameplay videos, commercials, trailers, and other video materials that will allow you to become familiar with the gameplay and atmosphere of the game.


Here you will find a collection of images and posters related to this game. These may include game covers, promotional materials, concept art, and more.

ROM Files

A complete list of ROMs for this game, designed to run on emulators for various gaming platforms.

Download Pokemon - Ruby Version (USA).gba.7z

MD5: 53d1a2027ab49df34a689faa1fb14726

Download Pokemon - Ruby Version (Europe) (Rev 1).gba.7z

MD5: e0503182a2e699678bcf25a6897a24d6

Download Pocket Monsters - Ruby (Japan).gba.7z

MD5: 27c9f37193977828f9808f3f76ff8c76

Download Pokemon - Versione Rubino (Italy).gba.7z

MD5: 4d3e531abcbbe530c0543c91d1d7d63f

Download Pokemon - Versione Rubino (Italy) (Rev 1).gba.7z

MD5: 1191848184916ade8df270fa27d2555f

Download Pokemon - Version Rubis (France).gba.7z

MD5: 3c971ea747a4bbdbd305c6f85c1c99ff

Download Pokemon - Edicion Rubi (Spain) (Rev 1).gba.7z

MD5: 61623a55ac0ff4cb97db7c9a78a477ad

Download Pokemon - Rubin-Edition (Germany).gba.7z

MD5: 1af28ea547d4116dc752c93f7f694239

Download Pokemon - Rubin-Edition (Germany) (Rev 1).gba.7z

MD5: 9aa6ac6fd369a686373a2e1bf8bb6aa3

Download Pokemon - Rubin-Edition (Germany) (Debug Version).gba.7z

MD5: a93c24b102f9ffbd5676e18f2e4cb33c

Download Pokemon - Version Rubis (France) (Rev 1).gba.7z

MD5: c014449536d7d32e5b6a3b91d10c0fe9

Download Pokemon - Ruby Version (USA, Europe) (Rev 2).gba.7z

MD5: 3e1b2065b3837c14ffbd03fe205fdfd7

Download Pokemon - Edicion Rubi (Spain).gba.7z

MD5: e15eff9df4cdb078896e7ee894dc98f6

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