Abadox : The Deadly Inner War

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperNatsume Co., Ltd.
PublisherMilton Bradley Co.
Release Date1990
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Somewhere in the galaxy, a huge alien space creature known as Parasitis travels between realms digesting it's pray. It's latest victim is the planet Abadox which is now consumed by the alien entity. However, in order to digest this planet, Parasitis has had to assume to form of the planet itself. Abadox's starfleet, the World Alive Force (WAF) uses this time to launch an all out assault on the alien lifeform, of which you are a single soldier. Abadox is a side-scrolling shooter. You must fire upon various enemies that travel across the screen and destroy their bosses as well. One button controls your shooting and another controls your shield ability.

Retro Achievements

Para-what Now?Armor PolishSpeed BoostTresbeam Me UpRotating ShieldKing MissileStar PowerLaser or Lazer?Realm of the Lizards of DoomParasitis' StomachDeadly Forest of Blue Nerves50,000 pts.Into the Mouth of ParasitisDynamite with a Laser BeamTaking the TresbeamHolding On to Paradora GunKeeping the Star BeamFull BarrierFull Missile UpgradeIntestinal Tract100,000 pts.Powered UpTube of DeathFull ArmorFull Speed AheadGetting Out Alive200,000 pts. 300,000 pts.

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