Adventures of Lolo 3

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperHAL Laboratory
PublisherHAL Laboratory
Release Date1991
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


This time, Lolo has a red friend who will do for him some of the work. Unlike the two previous Lolo games, here you can wander around a world map and enter different locations in a non-linear fashion. However, some of the locations remain blocked until you find a key after completing another level. The gameplay is very similar to the one of the two previous games. You have to collect all the hearts in each room. Enemies will prevent you from doing that, and others will appear once you have eaten all the hearts and are hurrying towards the exit. The puzzles involve mostly pushing things to prevent enemies from stopping you.

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Which Came First?Spare MagicThe Key to the KingdomForgot Something?Not a Helpless PrincessBested LeeperBested SnakeyBested RockyBested AlmaFlawless Alma's CaveBested GolFlawless Rocky's CaveFlawless Key CaveFlawless Leeper's CaveAll AboardThe Eastern ReachesBested SkullUnderworld IIIFlawless Egg CaveUnderworld IIBested MedusaUnderworld IBested Don MedusaFlawless Snakey's CaveFlawless Skull's PyramidCapturedFlawless Medusa's PyramidFlawless TowersFlawless Gol's PyramidFlawless Lakeside CastleFlawless Don Medusa's PyramidFlawless Underworld IIIHappily Ever AfterFlawless Underworld IIFlawless Underworld IFlawless Castle EggerFlawless Egger's Palace

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