Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1994
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


In every sector of the Cosmoc, there is a queen who rules over it, keeping the powers of the elements in balance with the help of the Nine Guardians. But with time, the queen's power fades, and a new queen must replace her. Several candidates compete until one of them proves that she has the knowledge of the nine elements and has convinced the Guardians to lend their power to her. The heroine of the game is a seventeen-year-old Angelique Limoges, and her main adversary is a rather unpleasant girl named Rosalia. Will Angelique be able to befriend the Guardians and become the next queen? Angelique borrows elements from different genres: Japanese-style adventure (without puzzles), "dating sim", and (not overly complex) strategy. The goal is to make sure that Angelique has good relationship with the Guardians, maintaining the balance. For that, Angelique has to visit them daily, talk to them, and see what effects their powers have over the land. The situation is further complicated by the fact that Angelique - depending on the Zodiac sign the player chooses for her - has a certain affinity with one of the elements, and therefore, with one of the Guardians. This can lead to a love relationship, which will forfeit Angelique's chances to become a queen, but deliver an ending which can still be considered satisfying.

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