Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1994
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Animaniacs is a side-scrolling action/puzzle game based on the animated TV series of the same name. The Warner kids, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot have escaped the water tower again and are on a quest to retrieve movie memorabilia from the Warner Bros. studio lot. There are 4 stages, and in each stage the Warners must work together to get past obstacles and enemies. Yakko can push or pull boxes, Wakko can use his hammer to smash things, and Dot can blow kisses to charm simple minded foes.

Retro Achievements

The Munimaniacs VIII (Enter the Dogragon)Goodnight Everybody! (Sci-fi Studio)Goodnight Everybody! (Aquatic Studio)Goodnight Everybody! (Adventure Studio)Call It a Hunch, Sibs, But I Think We've Been Abducted...Oh My...You Have a Nastey Drooling ProblemStop Playing With My Bust!...How do you do... That Thing With Your Mouth?No One's Laughing Now And By The Way Your Lower Jaw's MissingPrincess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fana...The Throne? How Do You Lift the Lid?Pirate Prinipoly Popoly... Pi... PerNever Mind That. Just Give Me the Bird How Come I Always Get the Booby Prize?We're Not Acting. We Really Are Like This.Early To Rise and Early to Bed...We Surfed the Seven Seas, Now It's Time to Catch Some Z'sNo No No! It's Easy. I'll Conjugate With You.And What's So Special About It? I'm Not Wearing Any Pants!Okay Lady, I Love You. Buh-bye! Didn't You Use to Teach Math on Sesame Street? Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.Nice Decorating. Let Me Guess, Satan? Promise Me Something, Pinky. Never Breed.A Door in HeadquatersA Door in Sci-fiA Door in FantasyA Door in OceanA Door in AdventureHelloooooo Nurse! Dot Is Cute and Yakko Yaks, Wakko Packs Away the Snacks Give Me Back My Paperweight!Bumbie's Mom? She's... WAAH!Gotta Watch My Figure. Hey, Somebody's Gotta Watch it!He Was a Chicken, I Tell You! A Giant Chicken!Gee, I Never Thought About ThatI Haven't Been This Upset...Duh! Where Are They? We Break Loose and Then VamooseThe GoodfeathersThe Munimaniacs I (Headquaters)The Munimaniacs II (Eggplantiens Planet)The Munimaniacs XVII (Cargo Elevator)The Munimaniacs IV (Ironworks)The Munimaniacs V (Space Station)The Munimaniacs VI (The Gearchase)The Munimaniacs VII (White Rabbit Chase)Goodnight Everybody! (Fantasy Studio)The Munimaniacs IX (Crumbling Wall)The Munimaniacs X (Castle Anvilania)The Munimaniacs XI (Bay of the Jaws)The Munimaniacs XII (The Pirate Armada)The Munimaniacs XIII (Gorilla Domain)The Munimaniacs XIV (The Jungle)The Munimaniacs XV (The Jungle Pit)The Munimaniacs XVI (Dracula's Castle)The Munimaniacs III (Death Star Bowling)The Munimaniacs XVIII (Mine Cart Ride)Box of KittensThe Animuggers I (Ralph in Studio HQ)The Animuggers II (Ralph in Studio Grounds)The Animuggers III (Eggplantien)The Animuggers IV (Ralph at the Landing Site)The Animuggers V (The Robot)The Animuggers VI (Ralph at the Space Station)The Animuggers VII (Ralph in Castle Anvilania)The Animuggers VIII (Ralph on Armada)The Animuggers IX (Crocodile)The Animuggers X (Ralph in Dracula's Castle)The Animuggers XI (The Robot Again)Space ProbedDeath Star BowlingElevator TractionToy Shop TerrorIt's a Great Big Universe...A Clockwork OrangeadeMindy in WonderlandThe Never Molting StoryThe Grate FallANVILAAANIAAA!Bon Voyage-y!H.M.S. YakkoThough I Be a Pirate Swine, I Have to Draw the Line...Kiki's KittenBungle in the JungleThe Jungle CrookDraculee, DraculaaE.C. (Extra Cartwheely)Jackpot!Kongo BongoThe Munimaniacs XIX (Editing Room)Don't Look At Me Like That.Are They Even Trying?!Narf!Wh... What is THIS?!Mastermaniacs

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