Arabian Dream Scheherazade

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperCulture Brain
PublisherCulture Brain
Release Date1989
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


The evil wizard Sabaron summoned a horde of demons to invade Arabia. One brave magician tried to fight Sabaron, but was trapped in the holes of time. This magician is you. Traveling through different time periods, you'll have to stop Sabaron's evil plans and to rescue the beautiful princess Scheherazade he kidnapped. "Magic of Scheherazade" is a mixture of action- and turn-based combat RPG styles. Wandering through Arabia, you'll encounter enemies whom you'll fight in real time, using various weapons. You'll also be attacked by enemies with whom you'll engage in strategic, party-vs.-party combat. You can choose from three character classes: Fighter, Saint, and Magician. Each class has its own special abilities that you'll use in battles as well as during your exploration of the game world.

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PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER!!Itty-Bitty Living SpaceTOMPKINS MADE A SWEARRRR!IT'S A GUNDAM!!Apu-ica the MonkeyMaster of PuppetsBreaking the Piggy BankIt's the Great Pukin, Isfa Brown!Grumpy Old MenBURGERS, Nick!  Let's Get BURGERS!Take One Down, Pass it AroundI Have No Idea What This IsNow GET OUT AH MAH STORE!Battle on the Big Aqua PalaceMoney-Tree Hugging HippieBuried Tree-sureThe End of Winter is ComingCan't See the Forest for the Money TreesFlowers for Arbre-nonMoney, Come Here!I'm Gonna MAKE IT RAIN!Haru Desu Yo!Mosque I Ask You Twice?LIVE ALIVEStooge'dEnd the Life Force of SalamanderAn End to Arabian Nights

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