Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1993
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


In a long way away from land, hostilities were once raging, as an evil ruler sent his troops to invade the fort of a mighty king. His minions stormed the fortress and burnt it down. The king could now not break out his fate, and the villain thought no one used to be spared with the aid of his wrath... Present time. You are Ariel, a little girl who lives with her old clever grandmother in a small house close to a mountain range, north to the forest. She just grew to become ten, and the grandmother sends her on a reputedly simple quest: to go through the woodland to Nineveh, the nearby town, and to meet there a sure person. But what begins as a simple mission soon develops into the quest for magic powers of Aretha, the ultimate combat in opposition to the evil, and the discovery of Ariel's own genuine identity. The recreation is a console-style RPG, the place Ariel and her birthday celebration travel on the world map, via forests, mountain paths, and caves, once in a while travelling cities and conflict monsters in turn-based fight viewed from the first-person perspective, the use of a variety of physical and extraordinary attacks.

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