Bananan Ouji no Daibouken

Nintendo Entertainment System
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PublisherTAKARA Co., Ltd.
Release Date1991
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


In the great Banana kingdom, the Banana nation possesses a great symbol of prosperity - a big banana. One day, the Prince is engaged in a conversation with the Dragonmaster, when the evil Paprika Dragon flies over, saying "quack, quack!", and... oh horror - steals the holy banana! The Dragonmaster is desperate. "Fear not", - says the Prince, - "for I shall embark on the perilous journey and return our dearest possession to the folk". And that is exactly what he does! "Banana Prince" in an action platformer. You travel between locations on the world map in a linear fashion, entering various platform levels - forests, caves, towers, etc. The Prince will find various weapons during his journey and use them to take care of the numerous enemies. You can also collect rings scattered everywhere and use them as currency in shops, where you can acquire various items.

Retro Achievements

Sonic PrinceRou-rou! Rou-rou!Celeryyy CaveCarrot TowerCucumber seaPeppers CastleTomato Factory way downTomato Factory way upCeleryyy Cave underwaterCeleryyy Cave cartFoot fetishYou like it, pervert! Don't you?Cucumber Sea upper wayCucumber Sea lower wayPeppers Castle spiked floor pathPeppers Castle bottomless pit pathBanana KingdomLove is...Old TreeWrong button!DebugingCat-Hedgehog!Luck on my side!Tomato FactoryHeadacheI am a Chun-Li!The king went crazySonic can't swim!Palm Tree PanicThis is not Donkey Kong CountryDeja VuFactory SealHard wayCave topTop secret shopUndead PrinceHow the hell did you got there?Parsley WoodsHe is a Cheater! 1He is a Cheater! 2He is a Cheater! 3He is a Cheater! 4He is a Cheater! 5He is a Cheater! 6King of the Pumpkin IslandDon't disturb the King!Millionare $_$Untouchable Boss's Killer 2On Boss with bare hands 2Immortal in the world 2The smartest on the IslandDouble CheaterUntouchable Boss's Killer 3On Boss with bare hands 3Immortal in the world 3Walking Weapon WarehouseUntouchable Boss's Killer 4On Boss with bare hands 4Immortal in the world 4Place your bets!Immortal in the world 5Untouchable Boss's Killer 1Untouchable Boss's Killer 6On Boss with bare hands 6Immortal in the world 6Untouchable Boss's Killer 7On Boss with bare hands 7Immortal in the world 7On Boss with bare hands 1King of the Turnip IslandKing of the Eggplant IslandKing of the Onion IslandFruit DietLucky SevenPasswords? No, have not heardContinue is not goodMinimalist!Don't break the game!Immortal in the world 1The smartest in the WorldHappy End =)You are King of Banana Island

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