Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1993
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


In this game, you control a little baby! The baby crawls through imaginary worlds, made of candy, chocolate, toys, and other things a baby would dream of. It has to traverse those platform levels to defeat or avoid various enemies. The way the baby deals with the enemies is quite unusual: it inflates them. When inflated, the enemies lose control and begin to float, until they finally explode. The baby can use this to its advantage, riding the enemies while they are floating, kicking them to various directions, making them bounce off walls, using them as projectiles to hit other enemies, etc. Such strategies are necessary when dealing with the bosses you encounter. There are various items scattered through the levels, such as milk, which restores your health completely.

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Bauble-O-RamaA Rattle SambaCandy LandVeggie First a MayWaltzing in the FlippersVegetable LandPenguins of PilasterI.C. CavernThe Box of ScorpionsGot Your CMOS!Itsy Bitsy ColliderThe Alarm BellCrayon CanyonYou Flying Douchebags!Stationery LandClotted Cream DreamOmlette du FromageSweet on the BeatBaby is in ToylandBricks, Chocks and BlocksMarine Baby BluesDairy LandSpaceport Express SMD Inspection Junior Expert!Circuit LandIce LandHearty InfantOn the Top on All Fours!Preemie NumbersToy LandCake bon VivantKitty CrawlerNavy Baby BluesPetite Maitre AffineurBlock-o Pamper-JumperFollow the Plastic Brick RoadDevoted Little OneSpring-shire PuddingAngelface NumbersGoo Goo Goo Zai-FangzhuThe True Miracle

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