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Game Bomberman Max : Blue Champion

Game Boy Color
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PublisherVatical Entertainment LLC
Release Date2019
PlatformGame Boy Color


Bomberman returns to the Game Boy Color. The adventure is much the same as before, plant bombs to blow up blocks and enemies that get in your way of the exit.

Much like Pokémon before it, Max: Blue is one part of the adventure (the other being Max: Red Challenger Edition). During both games, you can pick up "Charabombs", creatures that you can raise as your own, and fight against other players Charabombs. It's a simple bonus game of Rock/Paper/Scissors, but the only way to complete the entire adventure is by linking both games together via link cable and pass over levels from one cart to the other, as each game has unique levels, so as to collect all of the Charabombs.

In Max: Blue you play as Bomberman himself, with all of the classic graphics and sounds that have been part of the series from the start.

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