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Game Brain Lord

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1994
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


In "Brain Lord", you play a young traveler and warrior who is searching for his long lost father. Long ago, when you were a mere child, your father told you about the great legacy of your village. Once your people were Dragon Warriors, who could control and fly on dragons. But the dragons had disappeared, and your father was determined to find the legendary Tower of Light, where, according to rumors, the last dragons might be hiding. You father went to search the Tower of Light and never came back. Years have passed, and now you finally found the Tower of Light. But your adventure doesn't end there, as you had thought - it begins there...

"Brain Lord" is an action RPG with a heavy emphasis on dungeon exploring. You fight enemies in real time, using various weapons with different ranges - swords, axes, etc. You can equip different kinds of armor and shields. On your quest you will find magical jades that summon fairies who would fight at your side. The fairies have special attacks and level up after fighting just like you, but are controlled by the AI. There are also puzzles to solve in the dungeons, and the hero has the ability to jump.

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Ancient towerKeep your money safeThere is no "map" itemAncient civilizationAerodynamic propertiesCity in troubleFrozen castleHoliday on iceIce cream murdererVolcano's gem Dragon's lairDemon king castleIfrieKassSarahWakPiluluDomulGolemPazunGalaJimaPrissGriffinAsonMagic shieldImpulseBoundSlowMagic shotMagic missileFire BallFlame RingGhostLightningStopIcePhaserPest controlSave the ani.. childrenFairy trainerGamblerGladiatorTough warriorCockroach annihilatedRobot annihilatedGoblin annihilatedDragon's wisdomFairy kingA new dragon is born

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