Bram Stoker's Dracula

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1993
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Bram Stroker's Dracula is a side-scroller platform game loosely based on the 1992 film of the same name. Players take the role of Jonathan Harker whose mission to to destroy Count Dracula by first heading to Transylvania and then London. Jonathan Harker can move left and right, jump and attack with a weapon, the most basic of which is a knife. The status display on the screen shows Harker's health bar, countdown timer to complete the level and currently held weapon. Throughout the levels question mark boxes (similar to the Mario games) can be found, attacking these will reveal power ups which include health restoration, timer increase and new weapons. Among these new weapons are axes, daggers and a shotgun. Question mark boxes can also be used as platforms to reach other areas and enemies. Each stage is divided into two sections: the "Daytime" and the "Nighttime". These are entirely different levels comparable to stage 1-a and 1-b. Harker must jump to various platforms and obstacles and defeat minor enemies throughout the levels. The end of a Nighttime level is usually guarded by a boss creature who must be defeated to progress.

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Vampire Killer 3NVampire Killer 7DEscape from Dracula's castleVisit Hillingham mansionCarfax abbey mysteryLonger journey to TransylvaniaVan Hellsing IVan Hellsing IIVan Hellsing IIIVan Hellsing IVVan Hellsing VVan Hellsing VIVan Hellsing VIIShadow I masteredDracula I masteredLion masteredDracula II masteredBat masteredShadow II masteredDracula III masteredMax healthYou can continueTransylvania explorerI ain't afraid of no ghosts!Little light in the darknessBefore the dusk IBefore the dusk IIBefore the dusk IIIBefore the dusk IVFaster then lightVampire Killer 1DVampire Killer 1NVampire Killer 2DVampire Killer 2NVampire Killer 3DInto Dracula's trapVampire Killer 4DVampire Killer 4NVampire Killer 5DVampire Killer 5NVampire Killer 6DVampire Killer 6NShort journey to TransylvaniaVampire Killer 7NTreasure hunter ITreasure hunter IITreasure hunter IIITreasure hunter IVTreasure hunter VPerfect Harker IPerfect Harker IIPerfect Harker IIIPerfect Harker IVBride dance IBride dance IIIRenfield avoided!Bad scoreEvil scoreDemon scoreIs he undead?Is he really undead?Hide and seekFrom bride to shadowI am death incarnate!Weapon collectorNot worship his shadowMélomaniacYoung Dracula humilatedTriple comboFirestarterOld Dracula conqueredVampire scorePerfect Harker VIPerfect Harker VIIWhere is my fat reward?Treasure hunter VIIBride dance IIBefore the dusk VIIBlade masterBride dance IVBride dance VBefore the dusk VITreasure hunter VIPerfect Harker VZombie scoreTime lordSonic's challengeMario's challengeBlade runnerFelix's challenge

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