Breath of Fire

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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PublisherSquare Enix
Release Date1994
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


In a distant land, peace was maintained for thousands of years by a fearful dragon clan who could transform into powerful monsters. One day they discovered a goddess who could fulfill their every wish. Greed split the clan into Dark and Light Dragons, each battling the other to win her magic. One member of the Light Dragons, along with seven of his companions, emerged to keep the opposing forces from destroying their world. Using six magical keys, they sealed the goddess into another realm. Centuries have passed. The Dark Dragons are destroying the land in search of the keys. When they find the keys, they will once again release the magic goddess. Light Dragon... the time has come to draw your sword and fight for the future of your people.

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Songs-in-a-BottleWake Up WarriorThe Fallen KnightCartographerDamsel in DistressThe BetrayalThe GeneralPurificationThe TrialThe SacrificeThe Hiccup Man!!If Only I Were a Few Years YoungerDance FeverStreet FighterInnocent Until CaughtDuneTomb RaiderThe Legendary HeroMaritime DisasterThe BeastWarriors of the Iron ForgeOxy LadyThe Sleeping BeautyThe SorceressThe Fly That Hates CheeseBad OmensThe DreamerThe AwakeningHero BowNow I Am ImmortalLost in My MindThe Frog KingThe Hidden ClogsHello SisterThe Great DiggerLife ArmorThrowstick HunterWhelpDragonRudraAgniFishing TimeFishing Lessons IFishing Lessons IIFishing Lessons IIIFishing Lessons IVFishing Lessons VFashion for Women OnlyFashion for Womens Only IIWisdom from the Past IVWisdom from the Past IIIWisdom from the Past IIWisdom from the Past IDragon Lord's Trials IIDragon Lord's TrialsThe ManipulatorThe Dark EmperorGeneral CerlGeneral MoteThe Ultimate PowerDragon Lord's Trials IIIDragon Armor SetThe Goddess of Destruction

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