Bubble Bath Babes

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperHacker International
Release Date1990
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


This is a tetris variant with an adult theme. On the bottom of the play field, a naked woman is bathing, sending up bubbles of different colors. Your task is to arrange those bubbles on the top of the play field in such a way that they create a line of several bubbles of the same color. When you succeed, the bubbles of the same color will disappear. When the whole play field is filled by bubbles, you lose. There are two types of gameplay (one grants you powerups which allow you to clear quickly a large amount of bubbles), with four stages each. You'll get various mildly erotic scenes after completing the stages, and a "reward" in the end. There is also a two-player mode.

Retro Achievements

You're the luckiest man in the worldWay to go hot shot!I bet I can make your bubble burst!Point enthusiastic!Explodes!!!Just Poppin in!Bored yet?Squeaky cleanThis seems familliarLike a real bubbleBubbling BunnyI can make your bubbles burstPoints Fanatic!Bubble Slayer!You Monster!

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