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Game Bust-A-Move 3 DX

Game Boy
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DeveloperTaito Corporation
PublisherAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Release Date1997
PlatformGame Boy


Bust-A-Move 3 DX is the same game as Bust-A-Move '99. Besides the obvious differences because of technical limitations of the platform, e.g. the bubbles have to differentiated from of their shades instead of colour, it also has less playing modes. Only the arcade mode (a port of the original arcade version with the main singleplayer campaign or the possibility to challenge an AI opponent) and the challenge mode (beating a series of 25 levels as fast as possible) are available.

Regarding gameplay, this is a tile matching game. There are bubbles of varying shades at the top of the screen and the player controls a stationary cannon at the bottom of the screen. The cannon is loaded with one bubble at the time and the direction of the shot can be varied left and right. The goal is to clear the screen by matching bubbles of the same colour.

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