Chiki Chiki Boys

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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Release Date1992
PlatformSega Mega Drive / Genesis


This platform-based adventure was converted from a Capcom arcade game, and set in the land of Alurea. The idyllic life of the Alurean people was shattered when the King is killed by a dragon, and a range of nasties inhabit the lands. Fortunately his twin sons have come to the rescue, and you must take control of one or the other to put the world right. The boys have differing skills - one is more skilled in sword-fighting (which you are always armed with), the other in magic (available in limited amounts on each level). You collect coins as the game goes on, and spend these in the shop on extra magic, extra lives and enhanced swords. There are 3 levels on offer - Earth, The Heavens and The Sea, and these can be tackled in any order. The first is straight platform action, the second involves jumping across clouds, and the third sees your characters swim. After those are completed, you must venture into the Monster Castle and finally slay the dragon.

Retro Achievements

The Magician PrinceWhere's is the Options Menu? Ah... Ok...The Heavens MeiusThe Sea PoseidonNimbus MasterA Kinight StashA Fine FighterThe Earth CalliaThe Swordmaster PrinceA Seasoned WarriorThe Last LaughterReaching the Monster CastleA King StashStorming the FortressThe Seat of the ClownReaching the Forbidden TowerThe Strongest BladeThe Definitive Protection Dungeon of VengeanceBlue Knight Ordeal - PoseidonBlue Knight Ordeal - MeiusBlue Knight Ordeal - CalliaThe Alurean LegendsThe Alurean HeroesRed Mage OrdealAn Incredible FeatAn Experienced KnightThe Stash of AvariceA Legendary FeatChiki Chiki Boys Master

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