Choplifter III : Rescue-Survive

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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PublisherBeam Software
Release Date1994
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Choplifter III for the SNES features entirely different levels from the Game Gear and GameBoy versions, and plays slightly different than other Choplifter games. While the controls and basic gameplay haven't changed significantly, and the main goal of each level is still rescuing a certain number of hostages, Choplifter III is faster and more action-oriented than earlier Choplifter games. Enemies appear in larger variety and numbers now. They reappear more often and some levels feature fights against large bosses. To compensate for this, there are more power-ups (such as missiles, bombs, invisibility, etc.) available, and it is possible to have the helicopter repaired at certain points in a level.

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Welcome to the Jungle 2Still EasyGun Free ForestSea You in the Next ShipJust WashingHow did they get there?Tomorrow Never SinkSkyscraper's ScraperChopping Like a ChampHigh Level ChopperLet the Best Chopper WinDust ClearedDust in the Wind...owHeavy Dusty DayWelcome to the Jungle 1One More to GoDirty Deeds 2Last Chopper StandingNavy Seal 1Navy Seal 2Dirty Deeds 1Midtown ExpressDowntown ExpressTime to Lift SandWelcome to the Jungle 3Sea LifterForest ChoppedGive me a LiftNavy Seal 3Uptown ExpressMaster of the JunglesDirty Deeds 3King of the OceanChopping HardPlanet ExpressAll your Base are Belong to Us

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