Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperVic Tokai
PublisherVic Tokai
Release Date1990
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Conflict is a turn-based, hex-grid wargame for the NES that can be played by one or two players. It is not a strictly historical wargame in which battles of the past are recreated using real-world geography. Instead, the two opposing sides (Blue vs. Red) fight it out across 16 imaginary scenarios with armies modeled on NATO and Warsaw Pact forces of the late 1980s. The game alternates between two modes of play: a strategic/operational scale, in which players move their units around the hex map; and a tactical combat module for resolving unit-to-unit combats. In the tactical mode, human players have the choice of either issuing orders themselves or using the "auto" mode which delegates command to the AI. Splash graphics and text messages convey battle results. By capturing towns and winning battles, the player gains "fame" points that can be used to purchase more and better military hardware. Every scenario ends only when the same, single victory condition is achieved by one of the two sides: destroy the opposing side's main battle tank unit in combat. Winning any one of the first 15 scenarios yields a letter of the alphabet; together, the letters spell out the password that must be entered in order to play the final scenario.

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