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Game Crüe Ball : Heavy Metal Pinball

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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DeveloperElectronic Arts
PublisherElectronic Arts - NuFX
Release Date1991
PlatformSega Mega Drive / Genesis


Crüe Ball is a pinball game based on the glam-rock supergroup Motley Crüe. The game features Genesis-style renditions of the songs "Live Wire", "Dr. Feelgood", and "Home Sweet Home."

The main pinball table is three screens high. The goal of the game is to knock out certain targets in the two lower screens in order to gain access to the top screen. Once you get the ball into the top screen, you can hit a ramp shot to advance to the next level. All told, there are nine levels, each with varying goals to complete.

Four players can play in a round, with each player taking turns. There's also a bonus game where you play pong versus freaky exploding skeleton things.

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