Crusader of Centy

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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PublisherAtlus - Nextech - Sega
Release Date1994
PlatformSega Mega Drive / Genesis


Before the time of plants and animals, the earth was completely dark, and inhabited by things we now call 'monsters'. When some voice said 'Let There Be Light' , many monsters died because they could not live in this new light world. Not all died however; some of them hid in caves, and grew stronger. Now, they want to return to the world, and in these days you live your life. On your fourteenth birthday you are given your deceased father's sword and shield. Now you are considered ready for the trials and maybe, just maybe, you can become a hero yourself.

Retro Achievements

Icy coinsYou can jump ?Get the Bronze MedalGet the Silver MedalGet the Golden MedalGet sword ThrowA hidden appleGet MacThe tree that hid the appleBath toyAbandoned appleAn apple out of reachSalty appleGrilled appleBaked appleThe squirrel's appleYellow on yellow tonesGolden reflectionsWelcome to Black NightA flying appleWelcome to the pastWelcome to HeavenLost during the trainingThis is not an eggWelcome to Root TempleBetween the fiery serpentsBoiling coinsIn the shade of treesWelcome to FreesiaGet 100 malinsWet moneyAt the foot of the towerOne of the cardinal sinsWelcome to Tower of BabelWelcome to Camellia DesertGet EdgarGet KittyGet BattyGet WongWelcome to IrisHarder better faster strongerWelcome to Rafflesia SchoolWelcome to Dahlia ValleyWelcome to Anemone BeachWelcome to Hot DaisyWelcome to Burn DaisyA Vicious Golden AppleWealth of the desertBehind the cactusSalty bagsHidden money bagsThe dancing flowersSuper Crusader KartAn expensive appleGet the Holy SwordGreedy boyNoah's arkWelcome to a New WorldA Crusader full of life

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