Cu-On-Pa SFC

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperT&E Soft
PublisherT&E Soft
Release Date1996
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Cu-On-Pa SFC is the Super Famicom version of Cu-On-Pa.Cu-On-Pa is an original puzzle game that was developed by a little-known group called Onesong Partners. This group originally released an obscure game similar to this but with a wider audience in mind, various enhancements and alternate modes for PCs called "Endorfun" in 1995 in the U.S and Europe.Japanese developers seemed to like the concept and got permission to make something like it based on the original principals of Endorfun for the obscure Satellaview (or BS-X) and then later as a standalone release for the Super Famicom, where the game was called BS Cu-On-Pa and Cu-On-Pa, respectively. It would also get released later for Playstation.Published by T&E Soft for the SFC late in 1996, Cu-On-Pa was also fan-translated sometime later for the emulation community, though the game comes with a rather straightforward tutorial and the game is very easy to understand, but difficult to master. This game is difficult to describe and in a league of its own.You play as a three-dimensional cube that must destroy all the "Life Panels" on a level. To do so, you have to rotate your cube and roll over the colored squares on the transparent field. Panels come in a variety of colors and the main way to elimate them is by having the color on the top of the cube match the color of the tile beneath you.The other way is for more skilled players and comes in the form of "Lightning Panels", which are generated when you destroy panels other than Life Panels. Destroy enough of them and you'll have lots of them. Then go and destroy a life panel! What will happen is, all lightning panels will explode that match the color of the life panel you rolled over. Moreover, the explosion spreads and detonates other tiles in the vicinity, which can spread and create a chain reaction. It's up to you how you wish to rack up points, either by time, chains, or both.Ken Kojima was the music composer.

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