Dark Law : Meaning of Death

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperASCII Corporation
PublisherASCII Corporation
Release Date1997
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Three-hundred years ago, there were two kingdoms on the earth -Reyfore, ruled by the benevolent and mighty king Reynard, and Amugnon, ruled by king Daruk. The two kingdoms could have lived in peace, but pride took over king Daruk, he didn't respect the Goddess any more, and as a result his mind became obsessed by the idea of destruction. Daruk attacked Reyfore, and for decades war was embracing the two kingdoms, setting the Earth in flames. After a prolonged battle, king Reynard defeated king Daruk, and a reign of prosperity began once again. But can evil be truly defeated? The hero of the game, a young adventurer, falls down from a cliff while taking a stroll near the ancient Sophia Temple. He is saved by an old man who lives with his daughter Refia in a small country house. But one day, a demonic-looking knight appears, accompanied by monsters, kills the old man, and kidnaps Refia. The old man recognized the knight - it was king Daruk! Now the hero must bring Refia back and defeat Daruk once and for all. The game has a less linear structure than a standard console-style RPG: together with the main story there are many missions, or "scenarios", which are not obligatory to complete, but which occupy a large portion of the game. In the beginning of the game you create a party of four characters, the hero and his three companions. The battles are pre-determined and take place on the same screen as the gameworld itself. Your party and the enemies can move freely around the screen and attack with melee and ranged weapons, and their actions depend on the amount of action points they have. Navigation in town is menu-based.

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