Demon's Crest

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1994
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Demon's Crest is a sequel to Gargoyle's Quest. Once, the world of demons and the world of humans co-existed in harmony. But then six mysterious crests fell from the sky onto the earth, crests of six elements: fire, water, air, earth, time, and heaven. The demons became obsessed with the crests and with the power hidden in them, and so a civil war started. Finally, the Red Demon named Firebrand got all the crests but one - the crest of heaven. The Dragon Demon possessed this crest, so Firebrand decided to confront him. He defeated the Dragon Demon, but was himself severely wounded in battle. While flying back, he was knocked down by a mysterious enemy and lost his crests. You control Firebrand, a flying red demon, and your mission is to help him to gain his crests, and to defeat everybody who stands in his way. This is a platform action game: you fight the enemies in real time (using magical attacks), avoid obstacles, collect healing potions on the way, etc. Firebrand can also fly for a short time.

Retro Achievements

Demon fireGround GargoyleUltimate Gargoyle BusterTornadoClawLegendary Gargoyle But there was nothing here!I'm rich!!Eat your heart out, Sir ArthurAerial GargoyleTidal GargoylePhalanx's Second Form Long live Firebrand!Student Sweet revengePhalanx's Last Form  AlchemistReady for any situationLazy Arremer IILazy Arremer IIIEarth Gargoyle vs. OvnunuFire Gargoyle vs. Flame LordAerial Gargoyle vs. FlierLegendary Gargoyle vs. CrawlerTidal Gargoyle vs. Legendary ArmaFirebrand vs. Phalanx IGood startArmaArma, again?!I think I broke itStop mocking me!Headshot!Under the seaNice mulletLazy Arremer IOldschool Award (can't use or equip items)It's finally over Chaotic Demon RealmThe Demon's SealGargoyle's QuestProfessional Arremer

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