Densetsu no Kishi : Elrond

Nintendo Entertainment System
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PublisherAcclaim Entertainment
Release Date1987
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


You are Kuros, a powerful knight who enter the woods of Elrond. Legend says that a powerful wizard named Malkil has has gone completely mad during his years and turned his powerful magic to the dark side. Malkil has his base on the castle IronSpire where he has imprisoned a young and beautiful princess. It is up to Kuros to save the princess once and for all.

Retro Achievements

Keymaster of the Forest of Elrond 1Made for Walkin'Keymaster of the Fire CavernsKeymaster of the Purple CavesKeymaster of the Forest of Elrond 2Keymaster of the Outer CastleKeymaster of the Inner Castle 1Keymaster of the Inner Castle 2Jolly RogerChildren of the NightRushmore NightmarePurple FaceArachnophobiaKnock KnockKuros To You, SirPoor KnightSir Gyver 1Sir Gyver 2Sir Gyver 3Sir Gyver 4Sir Gyver 5Sir Gyver 6RogueWarriorKnightNinjaMageSpartanHardcore 4BarbarianGreen Conquest 1Cold ConquestBurning ConquestPurple ConquestGreen Conquest 2Royal ConquestFinal Conquest 1Final Conquest 2Green Greed 1Cold GreedBurning GreedHardcore 3Hardcore 2Hardcore 1High Score 4Keymaster of the Ice CavesTreasure Hunter of the Forest of Elrond 1Treasure Hunter of the Ice CavesTreasure Hunter of the Fire CavernsTreasure Hunter of the Purple CavesTreasure Hunter of the Forest of Elrond 2Treasure Hunter of the Outer CastleTreasure Hunter of the Inner Castle 1Explorer of the Forest of Elrond 1High Score 3Explorer of the Outer CastleHigh Score 2Swiggity SwootyLong way from the topExcessive ForceJugglerDouble JugglerHello?SquirrelSquirrel 2ConcussionHigh Score 1ArachnicideGreen Greed 2Who You Gonna CallThe bigger they are...Wizard, meet WarriorBlood SuckerExplorer of the Inner Castle 1Explorer of the Purple CavesUltimate Greed 1High Score 5High Score 6Royal GreedMount Rush-No-MorePurple GreedThiefHardcore 5Hardcore 6Hardcore 7Hardcore VictoryPaladinKill MalkilA Grower, Not A ShowerUltimate Greed 2

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