Der Langrisser

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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PublisherNCS Corp
Release Date1995
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


"Der Langrisser" is a sequel to the game that was known outside of Japan as Warsong, and is in fact a remake of the Genesis game Langrisser II. The Blue Dragon Knights of the Rayguard Empire are trying to steal the virtuous sorceress Riana. Their goal is to make her serve the evil Emperor Bozel, whose intention is to find the most powerful evil sword in the land, the Alhazard. Naturally, the main hero of the game, the knight Elwin, has not only to rescue Riana, but to retrieve the legendary holy sword Langrisser, the only artifact that is more powerful than Alhazard. At first, Elwin automatically follows the "good" path, but as the game progresses, he can choose whether to continue being good, to become an ally with Rayguard, or to side with the forces of Chaos whose goal is utter destruction. "Der Langrisser" features a complex character creation process, during which you must answer morally ambiguous questions, Ultima-style, that will determine the class and the attributes of the main hero. The game is a strategy RPG in which you control your party only during battles. You just hire soldiers and unite them under commands of generals. When your units attack the enemy, an automatic battle sequence occurs. You can also use magic spells to heal your troops or to harm enemy soldiers.

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