Disney's DuckTales 2

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1993
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Scrooge McDuck is hot on the trail of the richest adventure ever. Pieces to the map of the Lost Treasure of McDuck have been scattered across the globe, and Scrooge must find them before the greedy Flintheart Glomgold grabs them. It's going to be a race to the finish as both of them try to find the treasure and become the richest duck in the world! Join Scrooge and his nephews as they explore the ancient pyramids of Egypt and do battle with swash-buckling pirates in the Bermuda Triangle. Help them search the haunted halls of an ancient Scottish castle and scale the watery heights of Niagara Falls. Aid Scrooge in his quest for the secret of the island of Mu and you'll gain the final clue to unravel the hidden location of the Lost Treasure of McDuck!

Retro Achievements

The Quest of Crimson Briliant VI (Scotland Underground)Niagara FallsEgyptMuScotlandScotland UndergroundFriendship is the True TreasureDecamillionaireGainful RunBubba's Challenge VI (Scotland Undeground)Lucky AdventurerMap CollectedArmored to the TeethSweet BeakSecond YouthScrooge McFrogThe Real Pirate Training TrailThe Legacy of The Garbled OneThe Ascension of LegendAnother Kitty DuckyA Search for Good Mojo I (Niagara Falls)A Search for Good Mojo II (Bermuda)A Search for Good Mojo III (Egypt)A Search for Good Mojo IV (Mu)A Search for Good Mojo V (Scotland)A Search for Good Mojo VI (Scotland Underground)Operation Discovery I (Niagara Falls)Operation Discovery II (Bermuda)Operation Discovery III (Egypt)Operation Discovery IV (Mu)Operation Discovery V (Scotland)Operation Discovery VI (Scotland Underground)The Quest of Crimson Briliant I (Niagara Falls)The Quest of Crimson Briliant II (Bermuda)The Quest of Crimson Briliant III (Egypt)The Quest of Crimson Briliant IV (Mu)The Quest of Crimson Briliant V (Scotland)BermudaThe Trial of Maillechort Chest I (Niagara Falls)The Trial of Maillechort Chest II (Bermuda)The Trial of Maillechort Chest III (Egypt)The Trial of Maillechort Chest IV (Mu)The Trial of Maillechort Chest V (Scotland)The Trial of Maillechort Chest VI (Scotland Underground)FirequackerPiratePharaohRobo DuckSorcerer DuckD-1000Sorcerer Duck UndergroundAnother Junior Woodchucks' Challenge I (Niagara Falls)Another Junior Woodchucks' Challenge II (Bermuda)Another Junior Woodchucks' Challenge III (Egypt)Another Junior Woodchucks' Challenge IV (Mu)Another Junior Woodchucks' Challenge V (Scotland)Another Junior Woodchucks' Challenge VI (Scotland Undeground)Another Webby's Challenge I (Niagara Falls)Another Webby's Challenge II (Bermuda)Another Webby's Challenge III (Egypt)Another Webby's Challenge IV (Mu)Another Webby's Challenge V (Scotland)Bubba's Challenge I (Niagara Falls)Bubba's Challenge II (Bermuda)Bubba's Challenge III (Egypt)Bubba's Challenge IV (Mu)Bubba's Challenge V (Scotland)Work Smarter not HarderUnlucky AdventurerA Trick Up My HatThe Un-safe EconomicsConservative Treasure HunterWork Harder and BetterWork Harder and Harder

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