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Game Dragon Ball : Daimaou Fukkatsu

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1988
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


This is an adventure/RPG game based on the popular manga series "Dragon Ball". The story follows one of the series' episodes. Son Goku's friend Krillin is found dead after a fighting tournament. A demon's symbol is engraved on a note left near the body. Master Roshi says that an evil demon named Piccolo Daimaou appeared on the Earth again. It is up to Son Goku to find Piccolo and to revive his friend.

The game introduces the card RPG concept that was later used in Dragon Ball Z RPG series. All your movements in the game depend on your choices of cards that are shown at the bottom of the screen. You move around by choosing cards with appropriate numbers and talking steps on a line of squares. In battles, you choose offensive and defensive cards that will determine the outcome of the fight. You can train with the Master, visit various locations and explore the environments in "Japanese adventure"-fashion.

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A Great FloodSlightly StrongerFalling for Simple TrapsThe Strongest  of them allAn Apple a day makes you deadSo Called UpgradeEvil Octopus again?RoboAnother ClonePoopCarrot CakeRabbit in a HatPiccolo's Child ReturnsFall for youTrapped SoulPretty on the Outside...Piccolo Henchman once againOne StarTwo StarsThree StarsFour Stars  Five StarsSix Stars Seven Stars   I wish for...Not so ChallengingEasy Search Even More Stronger VersionMaster CranePiccolo's ChildLord of the VolcanoLord of the Volcano againPiccolo HenchmanMore Powerful then a KingEmperor PilafPirate RobotEvil OctopusReturn of CraneRevengeTwo Heads is better then OneThe Real Lord of the UnderworldTwo Heads is better then threeKing of all EvilDefying all Odds

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