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"Hot Battle: The Androids" (the game's unofficial English title) is a direct sequel to the second RPG of the Dragon Ball Z series.

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"Hot Battle: The Androids" (the game's unofficial English title) is a direct sequel to the second RPG of the Dragon Ball Z series. Following the events depicted in the manga series those games are based on, "Hot Battle" picks up the story right where it ended in the previous game: in the ultimate battle, Son Goku defeated Freezer, the evil Planet Destroyer. However, Freezer's brother Cooler swears revenge. Son Goku and his friends have once again to fight the evil in order to keep the miraculous Dragon Balls.

In this game, you control many characters from the animé series, including Son Goku, Son Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, Yamcha, Trunk, and even the archrival Vegeta, who has now joined the team. In battles, you have three active characters, but you can switch and train them in between. The RPG system is similar to the one used in the first two games: your movements on the field and during battles are determined by the type of cards you choose from several available ones. The cinematic battle sequences are now more fast-paced, and there are many mini-games to speed up the leveling up.

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Evade the Enemy CampDestroy the BarrierBeanieOut of My Way!WeaklingCooler's Weakest HenchmenTrain the Future SaviorI Have Exceeded KakarotThis Is The Scary Android?Double Super SaiyanA Beauitiful Young GirlA Young Boy2nd in ChargeWeaker then Frieza?Friendly GiantMade Him LaughMy Card Is Higher Than YoursYOU WORM! YOU DARE TO MOCK ME? Bean MasterCooler's Weakest Henchmen DestroyedIs That Ok?Not A Low Class SaiyanDefying the OddsThe Legend is TrueWeaker then Frieza? NotIs That Goku and Frieza? Summon The DragonLEAVE ME OUT OF THIS!It's Just A Watch, That's All!To Be Honest, I Was Rooting For CellHey I'm Available Ladies! What Do Ya Say?He'll Be Asleep Like This For A Few DaysWhich Way is Left? Which Way is Right?Popo MagicFrom Wimp to HeroI Am A Super Saiyan!No CasualtiesSuper Saiyan 2?The ComedianMore Lucky Than KrillinChanging HistoryCan't Cheat DeathMr Senzu

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