Dragon Ball Z : Super Butouden

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1993
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Dragon Ball Z: Super But?den was the first fighting game based on the Dragon Ball Z franchise and the first to introduce the split-screen mode to the games, where the screen is split in two whenever one of the two combatants moves away too far to keep them both shown in a single screen. This title features the adventures of Goku from the battle against Piccolo in the martial arts tournament to the conclusion of the Cell Games. The initially available characters are Goku (without SSJ), Vegeta (without SSJ), C-20, C-16, Piccolo, Freezer, C-18 and Original Cell. But upon entering the right code you can expand the list with Future Trunks (SSJ), Gohan (SSJ), Perfect Cell, Goku (SSJ), and Vegeta (SSJ), all of them relegated to occasionally appear in the Story Mode either as rivals or as alternative selectable characters. In the story mode, players select which fighter to pit against each opponent as while advancing rounds leading up to the battle against Perfect Cell. Players can also go one-on-one against another player or a CPU opponent. There is also a martial arts tournament mode, to play against eight players or CPU opponents in a elimination tournament.

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Piccolo vs Freeza in NamekVegeta vs Dr Gero in EarthVegeta vs Cell in EarthGoku vs Cell in EarthPiccolo vs Cell in EarthGoku vs Trunks in TempleGoku vs PiccoloGoku vs Vegeta in EarthPiccolo vs Vegeta in EarthVegeta vs Freeza in NamekGoku vs Freeza in NamekPiccolo vs Gohan in TempleVegeta vs N16 in EarthGoku vs Gohan in TemplePiccolo vs Dr Gero in EarthGoku vs Android 18 in EarthVegeta vs Android 18 in EarthPiccolo vs Android 18 in EarthPiccolo vs N16 in EarthVegeta vs Trunks in TempleAndroid 18 vs CellAndroid 18 vs Dr GeroPiccolo vs Perfect CellGohan vs Perfect CellGoku vs Perfect CellVegeta vs Perfect CellN16 vs Perfect CellTrunks vs Perfect CellEndingDragon Scorer

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