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Game Dragon Ball Z : Super Saiya Densetsu


Cho Saiya Densetsu is based on the popular manga/animé series Dragon Ball.

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Cho Saiya Densetsu is based on the popular manga/animé series Dragon Ball. It follows the events described in the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, the second story block, which tells about the connection of the hero Son Goku with a powerful alien race, and new mighty foes from far away planets. The game starts just where the tale of Dragon Ball begins. Son Goku goes to meet his friends, but is stopped by a mysterious stranger named Raditz who tells Son Goku they are relatives. Raditz demands from him to destroy humanity, and as Son Goku refuses, takes his son Son Gohan hostage. To rescue his son, Son Goku joins forces with his arch-rival, the Demon King Piccolo, who obviously has his own plans concerning Raditz. And thus begins the story during which Son Goku will learn of his true origin...

The game is a RPG similar to the card-based Dragon Ball Z RPGs for NES. During battles, you choose cards from your card inventory, which determine the nature and the strength of your characters' attacks. You can also train your characters in training houses and upgrade their special Ki power. Unlike early DBZ RPGs, you can move around freely in Cho Saiya Densetsu, and your movements are not determined by cards. You can also fly around the world and use your special Dragon Radar to discover location of magical Dragon Balls.

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Fairwell to a heroYou are learning Gohan10x GravityTrainer becomes teacherRecruit KrillinRecruit TienRecruit ChiaotzuRecruit YamchaNoooo Poor YamchaChiaotzuuuu! NOOOMy SacrificeNappa downTienBeat the Prince of all SaiyansFailed to finish off VegetaDefeat Powered Up VegetaStrip the Ape down to sizeNo help neededBeat one of frieza's lackiesReceive the help of vegeta vs CuiBeat first freeza henchmenReceive the help of Vegeta vs DodoriaRecruit Nail Beat the fugly Dumb but strongFreeze time notRockstar down2nd fastest warrior in the universeDefeat the captainForce a Tyrant to transformFusion?Hold off a Tyrant againHold off a TyrantKakarot please for all SaiyansCollect Dragon Ball 1Collect Dragon Ball 2Collect Dragon Ball 3Collect Dragon Ball 4Collect Dragon Ball 5Collect Dragon Ball 6 Collect Dragon Ball 7Gohan full powerKrillin full power Tien full power Chiaotzu full power Yamcha full power Vegeta full power Piccolo full power Goku full powerSmall FortuneIt's over 9000!Escape From DodoriaDefeat the Freiza's attack squadThe Legends are trueItem CollectorWealth beyond the starsRid the universe of the TyrantRecruit the captainSecret EndingFinally all Dragon BallsBuy the Dragon Balls?

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