Dragon Quest VI : Maboroshi no Daichi

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1995
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


You and two of your friends decide to attack the Archenemy - the evil Mudo - in his castle. But as you reach his throne, he attacks you and send the three friends into three different places... Was this just a dream? You have just fallen out of your bed dreaming! It's time to go to the village elder, to get a seemingly simple assignment - to sell some goods at a bazaar in the nearest town. But soon the hero will discover his dream was not so far away from reality... "Dragon Quest VI" is the last SNES game of the Dragon Quest series (called "Dragon Warrior" in US). It is a party RPG with turn-based combat and battles viewed from 1st person perspective. Not much has changed since the NES days of Dragon Quest - gameplay style, setting, and even menu layout seem almost identical to those of the early classics. Like its immediate predecessor Dragon Quest V, this game was never released outside Japan.

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Real Clear ValeNovice CollectorAdept CollectorExpert CollectorGood Ol' TerryOnly You...Is This Real Life?ShienaOne Shrewd BusinessmanOh, The Places You'll GoA Whole New WorldWell, Well, Well...Unfinished BusinessParty CrasherReidockPicking up the PiecesAnd Then There Were TwoNeigh!!He's a NaturalSan MarinoCongito Ergo SumIt's Not a Problem If You WinGoing IncognitoAmoruNot Dead YetStill Not DeadAll in a Day's WorkBar-Boo-RA! Bar-Boo-RA!Bringing Down the HouseMirror, Mirror, on the FloorKing MudoGentDivine InterventionDeja VuUtter DisbeliefDhama ShrineSo ClassyMonstoruPurple People EaterShort SupplyAmos Formidable AllyBrast Him GoodShow OffCalcadoWhat Could Possibly Go Wrong?UnderestimatedThe Medal King's CastleHolcottaHolstock CastleI'm Glad it's ColdOh, Oh, it's MagicClear ValeApprentice CollectorA Swinging Good TimeNemo Would be ProudZaxonFoanKeep an Eye on the KidsNo Means NoBreak on ThroughPescaniSomething's FishyTime to Blow BubblesGuardian of the WorldIdentity CrisisOne Key to Rule Them AllSlime ArenaBest Dresser ContestFor Poseiden!CalberonaMt. SnowCold as IceAnswer Me These Questions ThreeLegendary Sword of... Tetanus?LongadeseoPuff Puff!Hawk's TestDon't Look Back in AngerGandinoBrotherly LoveWait, What?Save YourselfPrison TownI Can Show You the WorldSenseless SlaughterGreed TownDuran DuranForgive and ForgetWhere's Rocky When You Need Him?Cloud CastleWe Have Liftoff!Despair TownSo WrinklyDespair to HopeLegendary SwordThe Champion of ChampionsFilling in the GapsFulfilling the ProphecyLegendary ShieldLegendary ArmorSpoiler AlertMaster CollectorIt Keeps Going, and Going, and Going...Next Time Have Four FormsThe Boss of Bosses

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