Dragon Spirit : Aratanaru Densetsu

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1990
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Galda has decided to attack earth and it is up to you to stop him. Galda has taken Iris, the sister of Lace captive. You are Lace who, taking his father's sword, goes off to defeat Galda. You have the ability to change into a dragon and are in that form throughout the game. As a dragon, you can pick up power-ups, or upgrades, that will help you in your fight. Upgrades can include extra heads on your dragon, health, faster shots, and more. Fly around and destroy everything in your path. At the end of each stage, you will need to defeat a boss. Having good upgrades that are not lost from being hit before reaching the bosses will help.

Retro Achievements

Size RegressionLand Before TimeBone CollectorDangerous CaveUnder the IceThe Ocean DepthsInto the Darkest FrayMega FlameBurn the LandCloning ProcedureJungle FeverNuke 'EmWorld ShakerPower of PinkHit Me NowArisha's BlessingsMeltyMaking Them ExtinctFlight of the DragonGift From IrisEscaping the DinosaursNot Hot EnoughSoaring the TreesDesert SweeperSwift ManueversIce ShavingDrowning the CompetitionNo Need For LightsShadows of the MaidensThe Scariest NightmareMythical BattlePlant LifeGravediggerMother ArachnidSerpent DismantlingNot Your Average SeafoodWall GuardianFinal TrialThe Legend of DragonBlazing Through the DarknessMy Lovely LadiesHidden PotentialGreenhouse ChampSave the ChildrenSoldier of MitgultCastle ConquerorSpirit of the Green DragonSpirit of the White DragonPacifist WyvernZawell's BaneGalda's Bane

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