Dragon Warrior IV

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperChunsoft Co., Ltd.
PublisherEnix America Corporation
Release Date1992
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Dragon Warrior 4, the fourth volume in the Dragon Warrior series (and the last on the NES), once again took the elements of the previous games and expanded them into a five chapter saga of epic proportions. The first four chapters are played from the viewpoint of one character per chapter, who will all meet up in the fifth chapter. From a soldier to a merchant, the game weaves an intriguing story that ties all four characters together in the end. Also new in Dragon Warrior 4 is the introduction of battle tactics where the lineup of the characters is important to how much damage they deal. The player is even given the opportunity to swap a character from reserve into the battle to add a whole new depth of strategy.

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Underwater OasisReunitedArboreal VandalSneaking OutThe OfferingThe Kidnapped ImposterSpeak No EvilHidden Treasure - Necrosaro's PalaceIt's a TrapThe ArchitectMoving InHidden Treasure - Shrine of the HornEdgar's PupilHidden Treasure - GardenburHidden Treasure - EndorHidden Treasure - Great LighthouseMiracle PlantRematchYou've ChangedNot So FunnyProof of InnocenceMaking FriendsA Monstrous AnnouncementThe One That Didn't Get AwayThe Highest BranchesHumans are Curious CreaturesZenithia's FinestPrivate DanceRosa's FateTunnel RatHigh RollerCaravanAnd Then There Were NoneThere's Gas InsideStarboard the Helm!RefugeesThe Traveling MerchantThe Empty CastleIn Search of a HeroIs This The End?We Don't Need Another HeroJust the Two of UsSmall Medal Collector

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