Dragon Warrior

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperEnix Corporation
Release Date1989
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Dragon Warrior is the first famous console RPG. You assume the role of a descendant of Erdrick, a brave warrior of the past. Once upon a time, Erdrick defeated the evil Dragonlord with the help of the Ball of Light. Now, Dragonlord stole the Ball of Light, and your mission is to recover it and to restore peace in the world. In Dragon Warrior, you move your character around in a top-down world. In cities and palaces you can talk to people, rest in inns and buy stuff in shops. There's a variety of weapons, equipment and armor to buy. When wandering around in the wilderness, you occasionally encounter enemies, and fight them from 1st person perspective. Combat is turn based: you select menu options while fighting - you can attack with your weapon, cast a spell (using up some of your magic energy), use and item or try to run. Killing monsters gives you experience, and, as is typical for RPGs, you level up and improve your stats when you gain enough experience. Like in later RPGs, you have limited hit points, lose them when you are attacked by enemies, and die when you run out of them. When your character dies in a battle, he is automatically restored in a nearby town.

Retro Achievements

Thou Has Defeated the Y BURNThou Hast Gained A LevelThou Has Found the Secret StairsThou Has Made the Magic BridgeThou Has Defeated the GoldmanThou Has Defeated the Metal SlimeThou Has Defeated the SlimeHero of LegendHero of Another LegendHero of JapanHero with Power Level Over 9000Hero of English LegendThou Has Escapth the King's ChamberThou Art DeadThou Art the Pied PiperThou Has Learned of Thy QuestThou Has A Death WishThou Art a Jerk to WomenThy Princess Brought to the House of DarknessThy Princess Returned to Her FatherThou Hast Learnt a SpellThou Has Acquired the BardThou Has Acquired the SunThou Has Acquired the Song of StormsThou Cannot Have Rainbows Without ReynThou Has Acquired the Token of the SwampThou is a Fighter Not a LoverThou Has Gained WeightThy Princess Is Not In Another CastleThou Art A FoolThou Hast No Need for TorchesThou Hast Seen SunlightThou Hast Acquired Body OdorIsn't That a Heavy Shield?Armor of LegendSword of LegendThou Hast Acquired All SpellsThou Has Vanquished the DarknessThou Has Won With BaggageThou Hast Acquired Master Grinder

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