Duck Hunt

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1984
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Duck Hunt is a shooting simulation where the player goes out with his faithful dogs to hunt ducks. It requires the use of the Zapper light gun. In game modes A and B, players view a swampland from a first-person perspective. The dog scares ducks (one or two at a time) out of the swamp, and they go flying around in the air. The player has three shots and a limited amount of time to shoot the ducks before they fly away. Each round only allows a limited number of misses in order to move on successfully. As the rounds progress, the ducks begin flying faster and faster, and fewer misses are allowed. Mode C features target practice on clay pigeons rather than ducks. The perspective and rules here are the same, with only three shots to destroy two clay pigeons before they disappear off the horizon. Destroy enough clay pigeons to move on to the next, tougher round.

Retro Achievements

Round 5aDuck Hunt DynastyRound 15aSmall Plastic Disc That You TossRound 5bRound 10bRound 15b2 Ducks, 1 GunRound 5cRound 10cRound 15cMaster HunterRound 10aPerfect A - Average CoursePerfect A - Beginner CoursePerfect B - Beginner CoursePerserver of Lead (Game C)Perfect C - Beginner CoursePerserver of Lead (Game B)Round 20cRound 20bRound 20aPerserver of Lead (Game A)Perfect B - Marksman CoursePerfect C - Marksman CoursePerfect B - Average CoursePerfect C - Average CoursePerfect A - Marksman CoursePerfect C - Professional CoursePerfect B - Professional CoursePerfect A - Professional Course

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