Duke Nukem 3D

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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DeveloperTec Toy
Publisher3D Realms
Release Date1997
PlatformSega Mega Drive / Genesis


Duke Nukem 3D is a port of the PC's Duke Nukem 3D, for the Mega Drive, created by SEGA's official Brazilian distributor Tec Toy and released exclusively in Brazil. The gameplay is fundamentally the same and has the player blasting invading aliens from Duke's point of view. This version has nine levels based off the PC's Lunar Apocalypse episode, and a range of enemies and weapons from the original game. The difficulty has been raised significantly, and the framerate is noticeably reduced. The port also makes heavy use of scanlines and a smaller window size to reduce the overall render load.

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Damn, Those Alien Bastards!BattlelordMess With the Best, You Will Die Like the RestIt's Time to Kick Ass and Chew BubblegumDuke Nukem Must Die!See You In Hell! Blow It Out Your Ass!Damn, I'm Good!Full Armored DukeAtomic HealthWho Wants Some?Sometimes I Even Amaze MyselfLucky Son of a BitchDo, Or Do Not, There Is No TryPiece of CakeLet's Rock Come Get Some

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