Earthworm Jim 2

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis
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PublisherShiny Entertainment
Release Date1995
PlatformSega Mega Drive / Genesis


An ordinary average earthworm named Jim goes about his normal daily life, cruising around avoiding crows and doing other general worm-like things. Jim is suddenly struck by a very large ultra- high- tech- indestructible- super- space- cyber- suit. Through sheer luck, Jim rests safely in the neck ring of the suit. Suddenly, the ultra-high-tech space particles of the suit begin interacting with Jim's soft wormy flesh. A radical light-speed evolution takes place. Jim soon realizes he is in control of the suit. Gameplay is similar to the first game, with Jim jumping and running through the levels. There are 5 weapons more than the original game to collect. Characters like Princess Whats-Her-Name and Psy-Crow appear.

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Granny, is that you?I Love My NanaMega PlasmaBarn BlasterAs Blind as a Cave SalamanderFlying Pigs and Pirate ShipsCuteness OverloadUdderly AbductedDon't be such an airheadISO 9000The Walking DoorPups GaloreEight ate eight...don't hate..Meat, meet Meat!Pleased to meet you, Meat!37 is a numberSee Jim Run, Run Jim RunGetting the Finger..Twice as Nice!Pedro Pupa DominatedFully Loaded[HARD] Lorenzo's Soil[HARD] Puppies One[HARD] Jim's now a Blind Cave Salamander[HARD] The Flyin' King[HARD] Puppies Two[HARD] Udderly Abducted[HARD] Inflated Head[HARD] ISO 9000[HARD] Puppies Three[HARD] Level Ate[HARD] You're Dead Meat!![HARD] See Jim Run Run Jim RunLike a Ton of BricksLorenzo's Soiled!Aren't They Adorable?The Most Powerful Weapon In The Universe!!Master of BubblesThe Hard EndThe joke's on MOOO!!

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