Emerald Dragon

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1995
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


In "Emerald Dragon", you play as Atrushan, a blue dragon who lives in the Dragon World. One day, he and his friends discover a ship wreck near a mountain. After examining the wreck, the dragons find a human child - a little girl. The wise White Dragon, the leader of the dragons, tells them that her name is Tamryn and that she will play an important role in their lives. The girl doesn't remember anything, and grows up together with the dragons. But when she turns fifteen, she decides to go back to her homeland - the Human World. Soon after Tamryn has left, Atrushan realizes he can't bear the separation, and asks the White Dragon to allow him to go and find Tamryn in the Human World. But a mysterious evil curse has been placed on the dragons - they can't appear among the humans in their true form. Atrushan agrees to become a human and goes to the Human World - to find Tamryn, and also a way to remove the curse... The game features traditional Japanese-style RPG gameplay - Atrushan and his party travel over world map, visiting towns and descending into dungeons. The battle system is somewhat unusual - you can control only Atrushan, while other party members are controlled by the AI. You have a special bar for your actions in battle: once it is depleted, you can't perform any action and must wait for your next turn. You can move freely over the battle field, position yourself strategically near or far away from the enemy, attack from different sides, and assign general strategies to your non-controllable party members.

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