Felix the Cat

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1992
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Felix The Cat is a platformer based on the famous cartoon character. The Professor has kidnapped Kitty, Felix girlfriend, trying to exchange her for Felix' magic bag. Naturally, Felix is not going to let himself be blackmailed, and instead sets out to free Kitty. There are four different types of levels. 1. Typical platforming levels in which Felix has to make his way to the exit while jumping about obstacles and chasms, killing enemies using different weapons. Swimming levels in which Felix rides a float or on the back of a dolphin. Levels that take place entirely under water. Flying levels that put Felix in control of different flying devices, such as a plane, a hot-air balloon or an umbrella. Throughout all levels, Felix can collect cat symbols to improve his weapons. After collecting a certain number of cat symbols, milk bottles or hearts will appear. Hearts improve Felix' current weapon. What types of weapon Felix can use, depends on what type of level he is in. There are lots of different weapons ranging from a boxing glove to motorcycles to tanks to spaceships. All weapons that are better than the standard weapon have an energy bar that diminishes over time and can be refilled by collecting milk bottles. Getting hit by an enemy decreases the level of Felix' current weapon. If he gets hit while carrying the standard weapon, he loses a life. The Game Boy version plays virtually identically to the NES version, but features less levels.

Retro Achievements

The Magic Bag of Tricks IV (Felix in Egypt)Feline FolliesFelix the DriverPoindexterFelix the GunnerFelix in EgyptFelix the BalloonistThe Vacation MirageFelix the AviatorRock BottomFelix the Dolphin TrainerFelix Goes A-HuntingFelix the Turtle KeeperThe Money TreeFelix the SubmarinerMaster CylinderThe Magic Bag of Tricks I (Feline Follies)Moo Moo Island OystersThe Magic Bag of Tricks II (Felix on the Trail)Felix in the SwimThe Magic Bag of Tricks III (Poindexter)GulpoFelix on the TrailThe Magic Bag of Tricks V (The Vacation Mirage)The Magic Bag of Tricks VI (Rock Bottom)The Magic Bag of Tricks VII (Felix Goes A-Hunting)The Magic Bag of Tricks VIII (The Money Tree)Felix the TricksterThe Magic Bag of Tricks IX (Master Cylinder)The Magic Bag of Tricks X (Moo Moo Island Oysters)The Magic Bag of Tricks XI (Felix in the Swim)The Magic Bag of Tricks XII (Gulpo) The Magic Bag of Tricks XIII (Stone Age Felix)The Magic Bag of Tricks XIV (The Oily Bird)Score BreakerThe Magic Bag of Tricks XV (The Copycat)The Magic Bag of Tricks XVI (Icy Eyes)The Magic Bag of Tricks XVII (Master Cylinder's Revenge)The Magic Bag of Tricks XVIII (Eskimotive)The Magic Bag of Tricks XIX (Poindexter's Return)The Magic Bag of Tricks XX (The Professor)Over-upgrade BonusButton CollectorFelix the CatEskimotiveMaster Cylinder's RevengePoindexter's ReturnIcy EyesInto Outer SpaceThe Oily BirdStairway to the StarsStone Age FelixThe Uranium DiscoveryThe CopycatFelix the Double CatThe ProfessorFelix's ChallengeRock Bottom's ChallengeMaster Cylinder's ChallengeGulpo's ChallengeCopycat's ChallengeKitty's ChallengePoindexter's ChallengeFelix the Triple CatThe Professor's Challenge

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