Final Fantasy I, II

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperSquare Soft
PublisherSquare Soft
Release Date1994
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


Two great adventures collected in one game! -Final Fantasy I- And so their journey began. The four Warriors of Light felt overwhelmed by the great task destiny had placed upon them. They did not know the true significance of the four crystals they held in their hands... The crystal that once, long ago, shone with a light so brilliant. The time for their journey had come. The time to cast off the veil of darkness and bring the world once more into the light... -Final Fantasy II- In a far off land... A long peace has ended. The Palamecia Empire has summoned Hellspawn in hopes to rule the world... The people of Fynn fought bravely for their kingdom... And lost. Now four of Fynn's youth must flee to Altair, with the enemy just behind...

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VictoryPirate BayMjolnir ComethA Seemingly Useless TrinketBlood RubyRotten EarthCanoodlingLight Within The ChaosFlotationThe True KingOxypowerPuzzle FantasyBilingualSleeping PrinceOf Mighty MagicMolten FireFloating FortressMeditation Under the ExtremesFried KalamariClassic HeroRage Against The MachineHoly Power Over the DeadThe Lost CityClass UpgradeHeroes That Never WereEpic Finale

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