Fist of the North Star

Nintendo Entertainment System
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DeveloperShouei System
Release Date1989
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


This is a platform "beat-'em-up" game based on the animé series Hokuto no Ken. According to the story mentioned in the manual, Kenshirou, the main character, has to save the people from the evil Emperor Heaven. The game itself, however, features no story whatsoever, but a lot of platform action instead. You have to run quickly through the levels (there is a time limit), punching and kicking your enemies, causing them to fly away or to explode, occasionally meeting a boss, visiting secret areas behind doors and collecting various power-ups. This is in fact the second game in the series; the first one was never released outside of Japan.

Retro Achievements

Fight Barona!(Vs Mode) Beat Stage 4!(Vs Mode) Beat Stage 3!Fight Buzori!Kenshiro vs Geira!(Vs Mode) Beat Stage 2!Taiga's most trusted man!First of the Four Devas of Gento!(Vs Mode) Beat Stage 1!Second of the Four Devas of Gento!Max Power!Speed up!Power up!Better Punch!Better kick!Filled Lives!Kenshiro vs Bask!Second defeat of Gento!Third defeat of Gento!Last of the Four Devas of Gento!Defeat the Illusionary Spin Dancer!First defeat of Gento!Mastered Stage 1!Defeat Bask!Third of the Four Devas of Gento!Fight Jakoh!Fight Jask!Fight Sheeno!Disappointment of Gento!Bad Ending!Mastered Stage 2!Mastered Stage 3!Nameless AsuraKenshin vs Falco!Mastered Stage 6!Mastered Stage 4!End of Gento martial Arts!Mastered Stage 5!Complete the game!Mastered Shura!

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