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Game Freedom Force

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1988
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


In Freedom Force, Rad Rex and his partner Manic Jackson are part of an elite counter terrorism unit. Their mission is to save the hostages in a hijacked plane by killing all the Bagmen. After they successfully take back control of the plane they must work there way back though the airport and streets to take out the guerrillas hideout to get to their leader, Eugene Extreme.

Freedom Force is a light gun game that is played with the Nintendo Zapper. The object of the game is to kill all of the bad guys with out losing all of Rad’s health or killing too many hostages or civilians. The friends and foes appears though doors and windows, and from behind objects forcing a quick decision whether to shoot them or not. There are 5 levels in total (Aeroplane, Gangway, Airport Terminal, Street, and Hideout) and the 4 different types of weapons that enemies have are guns (one shot), machine guns (one burst loses about quarter health), grenades (instant kill but can be shot in air), and missiles (faster then grenades).

To help the player an icon can appear quickly in the lower left corner of the screen representing health, ammo, gun, a grenade launcher (weapon to kill everyone at once, not good with hostages and civilians around), and a harder difficulty (more enemies), that the player must shoot to activate. A two-player mode is available with the two players taking turns, with the second player playing Manic Jackson. There is also a hangman mini-game that is played between every two levels where the player must shoot the correct letter when it is lit up.

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