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Game Garfield: The Search for Pooky

Game Boy Advance
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DeveloperThe Game Factory
PublisherSG Diffusion
Release Date2004
PlatformGame Boy Advance


Garfield has lost his favorite Pooky Bear...Young players must help Garfield in his search for Pooky. The game takes Garfield through his best known haunts interacting with his favorite characters e.g. Jon, Odie and Arlene to name but a few. No cat's tale would be complete without the usual encounters such as: dogs, mice, spiders & scraps of food.

True to his character Garfield can not resist eating as much as possible throughout the game but food equals' energy & energy enables this fat cat to perform extraordinary moves throughout his adventures in the game. At the same time all sorts of obstacles will have to be avoided, such as web spinning spiders, happy Odie rushing towards Garfield, bad food, annoying kids, angry pit-bulls and more.

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