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Game Ghost Rider

Game Boy Advance
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DeveloperMagic Pockets
PublisherTake 2 Interactive
Release Date2007
PlatformGame Boy Advance


In this sequel to the movie, Mephisto requests Johnny Blaze (The Ghost Rider) to stop the plan to revive Blackheart (son of Mephisto) on Earth which can cause The Apocalypse. This may cause Hell to be taken away from Mephisto because it breaks the no demons on Earth rule given by the Angels. Ghost Rider, although going against Mephisto's will, agrees to stop this plan only to save the woman he loves, Roxanne Simpson.

The player as The Ghost Rider must stop this plan by battling many demons on Earth while on foot with upgradeable attacks done with fists and the Hell chain. The player must also race across miles of land on the Hell Cycle killing the demons on their various transportation ways with the hell chain and fireballs.

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