G.I. Joe : A Real American Hero

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1991
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


G.I Joe is a side-scrolling action game where you can select 3 out of a possible 5 characters to complete a mission. Each level is in three main parts: The fight into the mission zone, the mission zone, and the escape from the mission zone. The stages where you fight into and escape from the mission zone are straightforward action – just fight your way to the end of the stage, and defeat the stage boss. The actual mission zone is a maze, where the object is to place bombs at pre-determined locations, then find and use the exit. The mazes start out easy with the first one being only two screens high and 4 long. Level 6 is 7 by 8 for a total of 56 screens. Characters: Duke (Tiger Force first sergeant/squad leader), Rock & Roll (gatling gunner), Capt. Grid-Iron (hand-to-hand combat specialist), Blizzard (arctic attack soldier), Snake Eyes (commando)

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The Black Hills IScrap HeapSo BoaringFanglessProgram ErrorGravity BombRoad KillSquashedCobra Blah Blah BlahThe Amazon IThe Arctic IThe Sewers ISting RayThe Sahara Desert IThe Cobra H.Q. IWing ClippedGeneral Hawk MAXCobra Buzz BoarCobra InterrogatorCobra PogoDuke MAXBlizzard MAXSnake Eyes MAXCapt. Grid Iron MAXRock and Roll MAXThe Black Hills IIThe Sahara Desert IIThe Cobra H.Q. IIGI Joe Will DareGI Joe is ThereFighting to Save the DayFight for Freedom Where There's TroubleStay Till the Fight's WonRust BucketThe Sewers IIScavenger HuntShooting RangeUnderlingUnmaskedThe Amazon IIThe Arctic IISnake EaterThe Cobra H.Q. IIIThe Sahara Desert IIIThe Black Hills IIIThe Sewers IIIThe Arctic IIIThe Amazon IIIYo Joe!

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