Go Go Ackman 3

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1995
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


Yet again Tenshi is hard at work on finding a way to kill off Ackman for good. But, what's this, it seems there's been a shake up in the chain of command, and now Tenshi is wanted by the Angel Police! Will Tenshi be able to clear his good name? Who's really pulling the strings here? And, most importantly, does Ackman care about any of this at all? The last of the Ackman games, Go Go Ackman 3 makes very few changes from Go Go Ackman 2, although Tenshi is now a playable character. Both Ackman and Tenshi can be switched between at special points in a level, but they share the same health meter and weapon. Unlike Ackman Tenshi can fly, but as he is an angel he can not collect the souls of enemies he kills. Souls have changed too, and are now used as currency in shops where Ackman can buy temporary powerups or healing. Finally Ackman has lost the ability to slide enemies along the ground, but he can now move while holding a stunned enemy.

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