GP-1 : Part II

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1994
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


The sequel to GP-1, the player once again can race with motorcycles on 17 different tracks located across 14 different countries. The player also has six different bikes to choose from. Players can also upgrade their bikes by winning races and earn points, earning enough points will let the player obtain better parts for their bike. The season mode, otherwise known as the Grand Prix is present along with a Practice and Race mode, but there is also a Battle mode that allows two friends to duke it out head-to-head on the track of their choice. A password feature is also present to allow players to pick up and play at their leisure.

Retro Achievements

Rapid Blue TEC TireMoto GPX SSS 500 SuspensionI Don't Need FansTeam Racing SSS 500 MotorTeam Racing SSS 500 FrameTeam Racing SSS 500 SuspensionTeam Racing SSS 500 TireYellow Storm RHG TireYellow Storm RHG SuspensionYellow Storm RHG FrameYellow Storm RHG MotorRed Wing VER 500 Motor Red Wing VER 500 FrameRed Wing VER 500 SuspensionRed Wing VER 500 TireTeam Red MEX 500 TireTeam Red MEX 500 SuspensionTeam Red MEX 500 FrameTeam Red MEX 500 MotorMoto GPX SSS 500 MotorMoto GPX SSS 500 FrameMoto GPX SSS 500 TireI'm FamousRapid Blue TEC SuspensionRapid Blue TEC FrameRapid Blue TEC MotorF. BradB.JackF.IronS.XanderM.RaianB.ThomasJ.AllenW.StoneS.HartT.AckeyT.ConnorK.BobTwinHead WinnerFirst PageA HundredI Don't Wanna SpendView Sight WinnerMountain WinnerSpain WinnerArgentina WinnerEurope WinnerJapan WinnerAustria WinnerGermany WinnerAustralia WinnerNetherlands WinnerTem Red MEX 500 Motor RiderRed Wing VER 500 Motor RiderYellow Storm RHG Motor RiderTeam Racing SSS 500 Motor RiderItaly WinnerFrance WinnerGreat Britain WinnerCzech WinnerUSA WinnerMalaysia WinnerMoto GPX SSS 500 ChampionRapid Blue TEC Champion

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