Granhistoria : Genshi Sekaiki

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1995
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System


You are a young man named Toru, and you are about to marry Lu, your sweetheart. Everything is ready for your marriage, the priest of the god Za your village worship is preparing to guide the ceremony. Strolling outside in the evening, you find a strange-looking shiny item. Immediately afterwards you are attacked by thieves and are... killed? A mysterious World Sphere contacts your soul and brings you back to life. But you are sent to the world a few hours into the past, just before the thieves' assault on you and on the village. You have to prevent the assault, to stop a chain of events, and to change world history! As you venture into the thieves' hideout to find out more about their plans, you find yourself involved in a struggle between the thieves' leader and the king's generals, and soon realize you must play a very important role in the history of the world... The gameplay of "Granhistoria" is connected to its main concept: changing the history. At any time, you can read about the latest events of the history of the world through the menu. Your decisions in the game influence the course of those events. You can choose with which party to join forces, and thus to lead history in different directions. The combat in the game is turn-based, and the enemies you encounter are random. Enemies attack from several sides, also from above, and you must often fight at several front simultaneously.

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