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Game Guerrilla War

Nintendo Entertainment System
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Release Date1989
PlatformNintendo Entertainment System


A tropical island (specified as Cuba in the Japanese original) is being oppressed by a dictator, but fortunately one or two brave US soldiers (Ernesto "Che" Guevara in the Japanese version) are on hand to restore justice. March through the rivers, swamps and forests to overthrow the dictator (specified as Batista in Japan) in this evolution of the Commando style.

The game scrolls vertically, as you move up the screen shooting enemies, finding good strategic firing points and collecting powerups. As the enemy soldiers come towards you in groups, some care is required when picking them off, either using your gun or the grenades. There are also hostages carried by some soldiers, with points bonuses for not shooting these but shooting their captors. Each level ends with a boss.

Retro Achievements

The LandingFarmtownThe Raging RiverThe Coal MinesDeeper Into The MinesWelcome To HavanaThe SewersBack In HavanaAirfieldThe Dictator's FortressKill With S (Spreadshot)Kill With T (Shrapnel)Kill With F (Flame Thrower)Kill With L (Laser)Kill with TankTank Commander 1Tank Commander 2Tank Commander 3Tank Commander 4RescuerThe Landing - no continuesFarmtown - no continuesThe Raging River - no continuesThe Coal Mines - no continuesDeeper Into The Mines - no continuesWelcome To Havana - no continuesThe Sewers - no continuesBack In Havana - no continuesAirfield - no continuesGracias! 1Gracias! 2Gracias! 3Gracias! 4Gracias! 5The Dictator's Fortress - no continuesGracias! 6Gracias! 7Gracias! 8Gracias! 9Gracias! 10Viva la RevolucionHay que endurecerse

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